Plenty of seating, inside & outdoors. Patio & riverside garden. Choice of conservatory or 3 bars

Pub History

The Old Crown has been in the same family since 1959, spanning 3 generations. The current landlords Mark & Yvonne Redknap welcome you. The Redknap family's tradition as publican's spans 4 generations and goes back to 1921 when Mark's grandfather bought The Duke's Head in Richmond, which they owned until 1963.

The Old Crown - One of the old photos on display in the bars

One of the faded old photos on display, which has been restored for this site
To the left of the lady in the doorway, there appears to be a man and a boy.
We would be interested to learn more about this photo (date & people).

The Old Crown, which is a grade II listed building, was probably built in the 17th century and was included in oldest records of licensed pubs in Weybridge in 1729.

History experts believe it was used by the bargees working on the nearby Wey Navigation.

"It is a typical Surrey building, with weather boarding on the exterior giving it a very pleasant appearance.

Until 1832 this was known as The Crown public house, but thereafter it has been called The Old Crown."

The Duke of Newcastle owned the inn in 1782. In 1788 the Duke of York acquired it when he purchased the whole of the Oatlands Park estate. The inn was sold at public auction together with stabling, a large room next to the river and 3 cottages with garden to James Dryer of London in 1822.  
The Old Crown Weybridge - photo taken when the pub was part of Hodgson's Brewery

Another of the old photos on display in The Old Crown, taken in the
period when the pub was part of Hodgson's Brewery.
The 4 people in the photo are standing very stiffly to make sure they
kept completely still, as required for photographs of this era.

"The inn was later purchased by W. S. & C.D. Hodgson, who became the famous Hodgson's Kingston Breweries Ltd. in 1886". Courage purchased the building post World War 2. The Redknap family took over in 1959 and the pub is now a Free House.  
There are a number of old pictures on display in The Old Crown, showing its history through the ages and demonstrating its importance to the community.  
Mark & Yvonne are proud to maintain the standards and traditions of this popular pub where conversation and companionship are as important as the good food and drink served.  

Historic details include extracts from Weybridge Past by Neil White

Plenty of seating, inside & outdoors. Patio & riverside garden. Choice of conservatory or 3 bars

The Old Crown Pub Weybridge Surrey

The Old Crown Pub, Thames Street,
Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8LP   

Telephone: 01932 842 844


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